Products Catalogue 
Plastic Pulley
· Bearings with metal shaft
· Covering POM Bearing with Steel Inner Rings
· Covering Nylon bearing with steel inner rings
· Pulley with 'U' or 'V' shape outer ring
· Pulley with spherical surface shape outer ring
Metal Pulley
Stamping Pulleys
With Bracket Pulleys
Converyor Parts & Fitting
· Combine parts
Bicycle Headset Bearings
Stainless Steel Bearings
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The special bearings main use for
· conveyor parts & fitting ...
Empolder new products

The new products range is expanding constantly, Our technician who can manages this process from the prototype sample or drawing of clients...

Mass production

We have much actual mass produce and control experience, so we are very familiar with these process of injection moulding, turning, grinding, and assembly combined with riveting or ...

Main Material
· Engineering Plastic
( Nylon 6.6, POM, Acetal, etc.)
· Carbon Steel (08F) ...

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